Web to print solution


MyPRINTCloud offers creation of flexible and comprehensive multiple retail stores where you can offer your customers a wide range of Print and Non Print related products. From ready to use professional designed print templates products to custom design print products, to off the shelf ready to order finished goods. Store fronts integrate with payment gateways of your choice and orders when placed are directly available in MIS for processing.

Custom Skins for Web to Print Corporate Store

Create elegant web stores for your print business, change background images, create custom color themes and modify the look and feel of your web based corporate web to print store with advanced CSS controls.

Your clients will feel the love of a truly customized web store experience created just for them with the help of MyPrintCloud.

Digital Asset Management

Maintain high-resolution images and logos through a digital asset management (DAM) solution. Store digital assets on a template-by-template basis via custom design tool or via the customer’s location, control access rights for viewing and usage, and tag assets with Meta data information for easy search.

Designer Modes

Provide your clients with 5 different design modes within the MyPrintCloud’s Designer Tool. Give the clients powerful editing capabilities or restrict access to basic text changes. Alternatively, simply populate the editor using variable data and only show a proof to the end user. Choose from CMYK output or CMYK + Spot Colors.

Furthermore, restrict access to the editing of certain object elements like font formatting and styles, object location as well as image cropping and panning, image replacement and auto-populate image boxes for head shots and logos. Start a demo now!

User & Department Policies

Use the inbuilt CRM tool to manage access rights of each individual. Choose if a user or location requires a manager to review an order and its artwork or if a financial controller needs to give an order to go ahead. Similarly, control who requires payment upfront and what credit limit a user may have to proceed.

Order Review

Customers can easily modify existing orders, open saved designs and fast track the re-ordering of previous products by using one-click reorder option.

Keep the lines of communication open to your customers by allowing them to review past order history and check-in the production status of new and outstanding orders.

Check out Options

MyPrintCloud offers multiple payment options based on the client site, user and location; leaving the bad payers to pay by credit card and the great payers to pay on account. You can make payment by credit card, PayPal, direct deposit and on account.

Products and designs are saved in the users shopping cart, allowing the user to select the delivery option and express checkout. Once the payment has been received, email confirmations and invoices are automatically sent to the client’s email inbox.

Not to lose any opportunity, timely email reminders can be automatically scheduled to the client. Similarly, you can choose to follow up with a discount or check-in on the client’s feedback of the artwork they just produced.