Product Types

Product Types

Finished Goods

Expand on your offering by providing inventory management to your clients as well as print related items. With MyPRINTCloud you can show stock levels for shelf items like A-frames, golf balls and drink bottles to name a few. Control backordering rules that can prevent clients from placing orders if an item is out of stock, automatically replenish stock levels with MyPRINTCloud’s inventory management solution.

Online Design Items

Utilize the latest in web technologies with MyPRINTCloud’s interactive HTML5 online designer. No need to update or install any additional plug-ins on your client’s device, simply select a product and start designing. Protect your client’s brand by controlling text and image locations, style and formatting to make life easy for your client by using variable data (VDP) to populate templates.

Variable Data Items

By allowing users to have different permissions, Administrator, Manager and Authorised User permissions are various ways to keep a check on your organization on who can create order, add users, etc.

Department policies permit you to set up items for every department or territory thus ensuring people to use the right product for the specific department or territory.

Download Media Items

Give your clients the option to download for free or charge a small fee for high resolution print ready PDF produced by MyPRINTCloud’s online designer. This option is perfect for real estate agents who require certain items to be printed in store. Similarly for local restaurant that requires a daily specials menu to be printed in house.

Delivery options

Choose multiple delivery options and customize it for each online store. Enjoy integration with FedEx and UPS with MyPRINTCloud by offering real time shipping costs to your customers during the ordering process. You define which FedEx & UPS shipment classes you want to make available to your customers and the price will automatically update based upon your account numbers, shipping postal code, and destination postal code. In the background, set minimum fees, handling charges, and markups.

Product Addons

Easily calculate additional costs for product add-ons like celloglazing, round cornering, drilling etc by using MyPRINTCloud’s fixed or formula based cost centers. Setup up cost center groups and allow users and customers to create complex estimates by removing options not available for certain jobs, like two sided celloglazing for perfect bound books. This powerful solution even allows the print amateur to get quotes and estimates correct.