Create PDF Templates

Through Custom HTML5 Designer Tool


Create online templates that render to hi res PDFs. MyPrintCloud has developed one of the most simple, Flexible, Feature reach & stable online designer tool. You can integrate our Designer Studio in your existing e-commerce website, we will provide complete guidelines to you.

Custom Design Toolbox

MyPRINTCloud’s online designer tool gives you complete control over design principles. For example, you can control text height, character spacing, text justification, preserve CMYK & Spot colors, inline styling for multiple text colors and fonts etc. helping you to develop your own custom print design template.

With over 10,000 templates currently being used in MyPRINTCloud’s editor, rest assure we have re-produced many required templates.

Upload Images

Customers can upload artwork directly into the editor. Images can be stored for later use or use within other design templates and forms a part of the digital asset management solution. MyPRINTCloud’s advanced online HTML5 editor accepts many types of common raster and vector image types such as PDF, JPG, PNG, and SVG etc.

User Profiles

The online editor allows site managers and administrators to design on behalf of other users. By allowing profile editing, one user can create artwork for an entire office without having to re-key any information. Each user’s profile data is used to populate the templates by selecting from a drop down rather than having multiple logins. This feature is great for groups like Real Estates where the admin assistant usually orders print on behalf of other account.

User Variables

{{First Name}} {LastName}} {{AdditionalInfo}} and around 200 more user variables can be used within templates for the auto population of artwork. Variable Data Print (VDP) tags can greatly reduce the information to be entered by a user when opening a template. Tags can be pre- formatted and styled, so a user may not be able or required to even edit the fields, means less opportunity for a keying error. You can lock the location, formatting and editing. In the same way, you can auto shrink the field if it flows over the available text box.

Designer Modes

Choose to show a proof of the completed artwork using VDP smarts to populate, restrict the editor to the basics like a single image or text box or provide an unrestricted access to the complete editing suite. By changing these restrictions on product-by-product basis, you can incorporate the simple with the difficult within the same site.

Hi-Res PDF

MyPRINTCloud’s sophisticated HTML5 online editor delivers color accurate print ready PDFs. Our editor manages print requirements for Spot Colors, Trim Marks, CMYK values, inline styling, transparencies and Bleed. Create overlay objects for odd shaped items and non-print layers that are displayed in the editor but not in the print ready artwork just like die lines or fold marks.