Case Studies

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Print Companies

MyPRINTCloud is a sophisticated Web 2 Print solution that provides you with Retail and Private storefronts, individual brand stores and products. Deploy as many web to print sites that you like. The print web store also integrates advance MIS solution with CRM, estimating, print scheduling, invoicing and much more into one comprehensive solution. Be at the forefront of MIS and Web2Print technology with MyPRINTCloud.

Print Management

Create unlimited Web Stores for your clients, big and small. Create complex customer structures and approval levels and make it simple with MyPRINTCloud. Utilize the inbuilt purchase order management tools to automatically send approved orders including artwork, purchase orders and job tickets to suppliers. Automate the buying process by selecting multiple suppliers for each product, e.g. Digital or Off¬set suppliers.

Graphic Designers

Create new templates and online stores to target new industries, use our online template editor to create your own templates. Share in the spoils of designing for print by easily outsourcing the finished artwork to trade printers. MyPRINTCloud supports the use of Spot Colours, Unique Shapes and many more design elements like uploading your chosen fonts and allowing customers to download the finished artwork for a set charge.

Goldwell Australia

Goldwell Australia is a leading supplier of hair products to over 1400 salons across Australia. It utilizes MyPRINTCloud allowing all 1400 salons to order customized and cobranded marketing material for use in stores or as local area marketing.

Key Features

  • • Marketing Material cobranded automatically by populating logos and address details onto artwork.
  • • Allow stores to change the background images according to the brand approved artwork.
  • • Final artwork is approved by the head office prior to the order being confirmed and sent to the printer.
  • • Depending on order quantity, the order is rerouted to the most suitable process, digital vs offset.

Key Outcomes

By capturing all the 1400 stores, the digital printer has increased overall revenue by 80%. With the ability to outsource orders, the digital printer can send out orders once at capacity internally.

Data Management - USA

Data Management Marketing is a leader in time sensitive business communications. With their in-house print and production capabilities, Data Management provide clients with the ultimate integrated direct mail solutions. Their extensive capabilities include concept development, graphic design, layout, color process printing, bindery, laser imaging, automated mail assembly, data capture, and post production fulfilment.

Data Management wanted an online solution where they can work with their clients and identify new marketing channels using variable data campaign wizards. One of the key aims was to allow their experienced sales staff and print estimators to price complex jobs on site at the client’s offices.

Key Features

  • Graphic Design and Marketing Creative Services
  • Digital and Offset options
  • Selective bindery options
  • Lettershop functions from variable data to personalized targeting
  • Warehousing Storage and fulfillment to meet customer needs.

Key Outcomes

MyPRINTCloud has worked with Data Management to enable their Sales staff to suggest Design and Marketing ideas, Identify the workflow, create Estimated costs all while sitting at the client’s offices. This leaves the client assured that Data Management is at the forefront of order processing in the creative arts market and trending new collaborative marketing opportunities using Web2Print and eCommerce platforms for print and design.

Yellow Brick Road Wealth Management

Yellow Brick Road is a full service wealth management company that offers products and services for home loans, commercial loans, financial planning, insurance, superannuation, investments, accounting and tax. Yellow Brick Road Holdings is a Public Company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange since July 2011.

With over 100 locations, MyPRINTCloud helps to manage the ordering process of both print and non-print items, outsourcing production and purchase orders to the relevant suppliers.

Key Features

  • Manage both Print and Inventory in one solution
  • Final artwork is approved by head office prior to the order being confirmed and sent to the printer
  • Depending on order quantity the order is rerouted to the most suitable process, digital vs offset

Key Outcomes

A franchise of over 120 outlets receive brand approved artwork and purchase print and inventory on demand as required, with the ability to update details along the way. Processing over 600 orders per month MyPRINTCloud provides a robust and scalable platform for Yellow Brick Road Wealth Management.

Byron Bay City Council

Byron Shire Council is a diverse organisation, providing more than 100 different services to the community. These services are used by all the residents and visitors to the Shire in carrying out their daily activities.

Byron Shire council utilises MyPRINTCloud to manage stationary ordering for over 28 departments.

  • Streamlines the ordering and approval process for all 28 departments
  • Auto populated templates based on the logged in user credentials.
  • Processes over 100 orders per month