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How we evolve

MyPrintCloud is flagship product of Clydy Limited, MyPRINTCloud is a web based software solution provider specifically for the print and graphics arts community worldwide. With focus on printing technology and addressing the growing needs in digital print and media industry - specifically Web2Print and integrated MIS solutions using the latest web technologies.

We started as a complete IT company with brand name Clydy Limited in 2004, as a company our core focus was to be the company with extraordinary team and technical skills. Using our management’s experience and vision we have created noticeable place in Global IT industry. During 2009-10, few of our existing clients asked us to help them achieve their business objectives by finding an online application using which their end customers can personalize products offer by them and at the same time if they want they can create new designs for the products. To help them, as a part of our process our analysis team have started hunt of the options that were available to them in market, after months of detailed studies, demos, trial version, 1000+ email chains with giants of that time, our team found that most of the solution were either too complex to understand and use or missing basic feature of printing industry. Most of the companies have developed solution as per their convenience without understanding the actual business.

Hence to help our client and their business we created a team of developers and decided to develop an application that would address our customer’s requirements by understanding exact industry processes. During mid 2011 we delivered our first fully functional HTML-5 designer tool and e-Commerce web store to www.xyz.com with custom framework which made us the first company to achieve complete mobile compatibility in web to print industry.

This one spark had started a fire, within first 6 months we got more the 40 new clients and now numbers are increasing day by day. The same team of developers immersed into understanding the expectations of our clients and challenges of present printing industry. Based on their studies and constant observation of our client business we found that this industry don’t just need solution for retail clients, they also need solution for the corporate client with more personalized features which should help them reduce their cost and at the same time increase quality of the services. Due to this new vision we started finding possible option and in December 2012 we have released our first corporate specific solution. This has allowed us to partner with over 200 print related companies across Europe, USA and Middle East.

The best ideas come from our customers though. It’s their valuable insight into print business needs that draws the road map to tomorrow’s solutions and drives us to continuously plan for future trends in print and technology.

We are sure that our advance solution and industry familiar team will help you to increase your business by 70% in just 3 months time and reduce operational cost by 30%.

With whom we are working

A monthly subscription provides printers with an e-commerce solution for their customers. whether you have a large corporation or just a retail web store, our integrated solutions help to capture your local business.

At the same time if you need complex customization and want to have solution on your own server, the best option is to buy a dedicated license version by paying one time licensing cost and use the solution life time.

In both options we provide an all integrated modern mis solution that allows you to take information entered and designed by your customers through online ordering, scheduling and shipment requests. we also provide a comprehensive estimating solution to invoice requests of all of your customers.

Why us:

Industry knowledge & experience

MyPrintCloud is a highly flexible, simple yet affordable solution evolved by Clydy limited working very closely with printers from every part of the world.

Pay as you Go

No Long term contracts. We believe in our solution and your ability to succeed in the web to print market. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

User Experience

By continually striving to provide our users with the best online experience, we listen to them because they live the experience every day with customers.

Integrated MIS

Why would you look for separate web based print solutions when you can have one? MyPrintCloud saves you time and money in deploying and integrating many systems to your MIS. Whether you’re processing an online order, converting a complex estimate to an order or managing all your customer’s information in one system, our integrated print MIS performs everything from ordering and scheduling to shipping. No fear of duplicating data and importing Web to Print orders and offline orders using fragmented APIs.

100% Cloud based

Hosted by one of the industry leaders in e-commerce, we provide 100% cloud based print solutions hosted on Amazon servers. We work with Amazon because we feel they are secure and always available with minimum downtime The hosting, processors, hard disk space and memory usage, all is included and built into your monthly plan.

Adaptive Workflows

From online orders to complex estimates, our workflow allows you to process with ease. Easily add operations during the order processing. Manage digital, offset and screen printing in one order. Ship items to one or many locations and generate invoices for online web orders.

Bespoke Development

Do you want to create something unique? We welcome your challenge and will respond with quick and creative designs to meet your business needs. Stand out with our custom print software, meet your customer’s needs and become an industry leader

Facts about solution

Engage Corporate Customers With MPC's Web Store

Want to stand out among tough competition in the Printing Industry? Create stylish and sophisticated private web stores at MyPrintCloud.com for each of your clients, both large and small. Upload their own artwork and populate online artwork templates using various methods such as variable data, auto populating images, text boxes and editable text fields. With the help of MyPRINTCloud’s open architecture, you can control the look and feel of a client’s print Web store. It is easily editable, by just dragging and dropping of tools with advance web functions like cascading style sheets (CSS), giving web store a unique look. Edit and modify outbound customer emails like order receipts, confirmations, selection of multiple payment options and gateways for each individual print store.

All-in-One Print MIS And Web 2 Print

Step into the world of web to print technology, allowing your customers to easily create, access, edit and order online in simple clicks. Whether you are starting out or migrating from an existing web2print platform, MYPRINTCloud is here to assist with the technology, training and strategy leaving you to focus on the content, lead generation and the next steps of your business development. Contact to discuss with our print management experts today.

Responsive Themes

Want your print business to be easily accessible via smartphones? Mobile devices are becoming the most preferred way of doing business online and responding to customer queries on the go. For that reason responsive themes for web based print businesses are now an essential part of online ordering. MyPRINTCloud includes an ever-expanding library of responsive themes. So whatever is the customers preferred device, mobile, tablet, desktop PC or MAC, you’ll be sure to have the smoothest user experience.

Adaptive Workflows in Print MIS

Step in to the world of web to print technology and steer your print business into a new way of ecommerce. Let us take care of all the print technology required to make your print business successful, whilst you focus on content and lead generation. With XML job ticketing at MyPrintCloud.com, get all the required information to route jobs to the correct queues and hot folders for digital printing and to the relative pre-press department. The printing tools to outsource jobs based on a predefined matrix, coupling PO’s, artwork and similar XML job tickets are also included.

Creating Web 2 Print eStore Instantly & Intuitively

Get started today with MyPrintCloud! Register now and get your first web to print store for free instantly. We instantly deploy and create your store in few clicks. You will have all the necessary training videos, tutorial guides and support to get live within days. We offer No software, no hardware, no hassles and absolutely 100% cloud-based print MIS.

Create Variable Data Print

MyPrintCloud makes it very easy for print businesses to create a variable data print list in its web based Print MIS Upload a CSV file along with your online designs to create variable data for each individual piece you produce for your customer. Create your own variable data field lists and incorporate them on design canvases. These fields will auto fill depending on CSV uploads by end users to create 100’s of personalized matter or auto merged with the logged in users profile data. Variable data personalizes your customer’s products and allows them to target each customer with just the right information to generate response rate 3 to 10 times higher than traditional direct mail.

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